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Payment Options for Assisted Living Facilities

Payment Options for Assisted Living Facilities

When you and your aging loved one is now considering relocating to an assisted living facility in Atlanta, Georgia, you need to consider the costs and other expenses. However, there are different ways to pay for assisted living to make it more manageable for your family and easier on your budget.

Here are the common payment options:

  • Personal Savings

    These comprise your personal financial savings in a personal bank account or other savings device. This is the easiest and most accessible way you can pay for assisted living. However, it is also usually insufficient depending on the cost of the facility you choose.

  • Government Benefits
    • Medicare or Medicaid – Depending on the state you’re in, these government-sponsored benefits help shoulder certain portion of the costs in assisted living facilities if your loved one passes the eligibility requirements. Approach your nearest CMS office to process your loved one’s admission.
    • Veteran’s Benefits – This government-sponsored provision is for former soldiers and their spouses who have been honorably dismissed. As this needs processing for eligibility, visit the nearest VA office in your area to confirm your loved one’s eligibility.
  • Long-Term Care Insurance

    If your aging loved one has saved up for LCI early on in their lives, they can use this to pay off the services in an assisted living facility from which they receive personal care in Rex, Georgia. Coordinate with their insurance provider on how to use up this insurance.

  • Family Support

    Aside from other external resources, you can also gather together your family and pool together your financial resources to support your loved one’s care on a regular basis.

  • Home Equity

    While this may be the least advisable, you can also decide to sell off your loved one’s home so they can use the sales in paying for their senior care in an assisted living facility.

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