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Managing Your Senior Loved One’s Sundowner’s Syndrome

Managing Your Senior Loved One's Sundowner’s Syndrome

Also known as sundowning, Sundowner’s Syndrome refers to the state of agitation or confusion that happens in the late afternoon or onwards. It is also a symptom of cognitive disabilities, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. There is no exact cause for this behavior, but studies have linked the condition with fatigue, depression, boredom, and pain.

As an assisted living facility in Atlanta, Georgia, we want to enlighten those with loved ones who show signs of sundowning with these helpful tips.

  • Listen

    It is crucial to listen to a loved one with patience and the utmost understanding. By paying enough attention, you may be able to figure out the underlying factors that contribute to their frustrations and be able to formulate a sound resolution.

    If you cannot tend to your loved ones for the majority of the time, you can avail of senior care services for your loved one.

  • Play gentle music

    During the later afternoon or early evening, playing gentle music and using gentle lighting may be helpful to put your loved one at ease and create a serene atmosphere.

  • Adjust lighting

    Fading light is known to be a common trigger for sundowning. Thus, providing adequate lighting to reduce shadows when it starts to get dark can minimize the change of behavior.

If you need help with assisting a loved one, Pristine Personal Care Homes LLC, a provider of personal care in Rex, Georgia is here to help.

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