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Debunking Assisted Living Facility Myths

Debunking Assisted Living Facility Myths

When it comes to assisted living, some people think of its drawbacks rather than benefits. It’s a typical case of stereotyping because of perhaps, a bad experience.

Today, we’ll be moving up a scale in discussing common myths around assisted living and countering them.

  • Loss of Independence

    People think that assisted living is more like a “confinement” rather than a care facility. Other seniors think that it’s a place where they lose their independence. However, there’s another aspect that’s unseen. Inside a living facility, seniors are as free as when they’re at the comfort of their homes. They can relatively do whatever they want with the advantage of having care professionals ready to assist them when necessary.

  • Too many patients, less care received

    There are so many patients to look after that equates in receiving less care. The opposite is true. The reality is that the number of patients to care for makes the caregivers and nurses more competitive to respond promptly to different needs and challenges in the facility. They don’t reduce the care. They are just well-trained and adept in giving optimum care in lesser time.

    This is what you can experience in our assisted living facility in Atlanta, Georgia where nurses and caregivers are quick to provide care under any situation.

  • Not a good place for socialization because people are weak or ill

    Commonly, senior care is a major reason for the elderly to move into an assisted living facility. In there, they live with one goal: To live a normal life where their health conditions are properly addressed. That goal is what empowers them to exchange words with people who think similarly. Also, seniors in the facility tend to vibe with each other because everyone in the group can relate. They’re in the same age group after all. They’ll surely learn to socialize.

There are countless benefits of assisted living, but it all boils down to quality care. If you are considering the idea, Pristine Personal Care Homes LLC offers personal care in Rex, Georgia for you or your senior loved ones.

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